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  • What is GVH Certification?

    GVH is the only environmental certification designed specifically for vacation rental properties.

  • Why Certify Your House?

    Certification gives you a specific roadmap toward improving your property’s energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint.

  • How do I get certified?

    GVH provides step-by-step instructions towards obtaining certification on four different levels.

  • Costs of Certification

    The cost of certifying your house depends upon the energy efficient items you currently have in your rental property.

Welcome to Green Vacation Houses

GVH offers the first environmental certification specifically for existing houses and condominiums listed as vacation rentals through a property management company. Homeowners can apply for one of four levels of certification, which are graded on a point system similar to the U.S Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings. We developed our criteria to reflect the best environmental practices currently being used in the vacation and travel industry, acknowledging that rental properties that are not steadily occupied have different energy needs and requirements.


The GVH Seal

Green Vacation House Seal

The hotel industry has Green Seal. The commercial and residential building industry has LEED. But until now, there was no certification process designed specifically for vacation rental properties. Green Vacation Houses fills that void, giving your property credibility among eco-conscious travelers.
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Our Services

GVH certifies vacation rentals at increasing levels of efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Additionally, Healthy House certification identifies properties whose owners have focused on the quality of their interior environment, which is especially helpful for renters who have allergies or are particularly sensitive to air quality. Read More

What it Means

A Green Vacation House-certified rental property means its owner has taken a proactive role in protecting the environment. The certification, independently verified, rates the property on several levels of energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, sustainable landscaping and energy-saving architectural features and equipment. Read More

Leveling Up

With each level of certification, homeowners increase the efficiency and sustainability of their properties. Starting with easy fixes such as installing a programmable thermostat and LED light bulbs, and going all the way up to sophisticated geo-thermal heating systems, homeowners can choose which level of green investment suits them the best. Read More