Who We Are

By providing across-the-board green certification standards for vacation rental properties, Green Vacation Houses empowers owners and renters to take a positive stand in preserving the health of their vacation environment.

About Us

Architect Lee Foster founded Green Vacation Houses in 2012 after the successful launch of Vacation House Review. Through her experience with in the rental property industry, she saw a growing desire among property managers and owners to ensure the continued health of the pristine environments in which vacation properties are located. Working with environmental groups and vacation rental property managers, GVH developed green certification criteria for existing rental properties. GVH works closely with The Center for Responsible Travel,a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, DC and affiliated with Stanford University that is dedicated to encouraging environmentally and socially responsible practices for the traveler and travel companies, and its own advisory board of leading property managers from around the country to ensure that the criteria are fair and produce environmentally sustainable results.


TThere are 3.3 million vacation rental properties in the United States, and many of them are located in environmentally fragile locations, such as seashores, national parks, lakes and mountains.

If 30 percent of these property owners adopted just the basic requirements of our lowest  (Level 1) certification, the savings would be the more than 27 million gallons of oil and $56 million in energy bills to the homeowners.

We want vacation rental homeowners to be aware of their options for making their properties more efficient and sustainable—and to exercise those options.

We want renters to know they can choose properties that tread lightly on the land, a boon to some of the most beautiful destinations in the United States.

We want the vacation rental industry to catch up with hotels and resorts, whose operators have been seeking and earning green certification for years through major national groups such as LEED and Green Seal. Now, rental properties have their own certification: Green Vacation Houses.

Our Mission

  • To encourage vacation rental property owners to become more environmentally aware and friendly
  • To recognize property owners for their efforts to make their rentals more efficient and sustainable.
  • To make it easier for travelers to rent environmentally friendly homes.
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of rental properties and their renters.
  • To provide verified certification for green properties, and create standards that are uniform across all vacation rental markets.

Our Team

Green Vacation Houses, under architect Lee Foster’s leadership, is guided by an advisory board of the nation’s top vacation rental property managers, representing every region across the country. Each board member is a leader in his or her industry, and many belong to the Vacation Rental Property Manager Association. Several members are past presidents of the organization.

GVH developed its certification guidelines with support and direction from The Center for Responsible Travel, a nonprofit organization affiliated with Stanford University that is devoted to encouraging environmental responsibility for traveler and travel Web sites.