What is GVH Certification?

A Green Vacation House-certified rental property means its owner has taken a proactive role in protecting the environment. The certification, independently verified, rates the property on several levels of energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, sustainable landscaping and energy-saving architectural features and equipment.

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Certified property owners are taking responsibility for preserving their treasured vacation environment. They are reducing the property’s carbon footprint, which is especially important with multiple renters and ever-changing uses of energy. Eco-conscious renters alike will be more attracted to properties that are independently verified as green on an ongoing, annual basis.


Owners of GVH-certified houses are in the vanguard of a growing ecotourism movement in the travel industry. These homeowners and their property managers are green leaders, helping travelers change the way they search for vacation rental properties.


Reducing energy and water consumption saves money. The simple energy-saving items on the checklist for the first level of certification will bring a return on investment in less than two years. Savings to the owner and environment increase with each new rental season.


Your property manager is trained to personally verify the GVH certification requirements for each of their homeowners who completes their level checklist. Properties are inspected annually to renew or upgrade each certification.