For Homeowners

With globally consistent green certification standards, GVH empowers owners to encourage sustainable tourism and protect the natural beauty of their vacation locale.


Green-certified homeowners will instantly make their properties more attractive to a growing population of eco-conscious travelers, thereby increasing their rental pool. Houses with green certification have a competitive advantage.

  • At our lowest level of certification (Level 1) the average homeowner would save over $700 per year in energy costs.

According to a 2012 TripAdvisor survey of 700 U.S. travelers:

  • 71% said they planned to make more eco-friendly travel choices within the next year.
  • 57% said they “often” make eco-friendly travel decisions, such as choice of lodging, transportation and food source.
  • 50% said they are willing to spend more on an eco-friendly accommodation.

"Certification has certainly been one of the most effective ways to distinguish truly green companies from those that are merely using 'eco' and 'sustainable' as a marketing tool," said Ayako Ezaki, director of communications for the International Ecotourism Society, in an article on green family travel posted on

The hotel industry has Green Seal. The commercial and residential building industry has LEED. But until now, there was no certification process designed specifically for vacation rental properties. Green Vacation Houses fills that void, giving your property credibility among eco-conscious travelers.