For Property Managers

Property Managers have the opportunity to positively impact the environment and save themselves and their homeowners money.

For Property Managers


Property managers who help their owners get certified through GVH have a step up over other management companies, and have the satisfaction of contributing to the continued health of the precious vacation environment in which the homes are located.

As a manager who participates with the GVH program, you will:

  • Make your company more competitive as travelers are increasingly more sensitive to environmental sustainability
  • Enhance your brand with renters, employees and homeowners
  • Confirm your position as a leader in the vacation rental industry
  • Take stewardship of your vacation locale

Managers who are trained to verify GVH applications are key to the program:

  • Independent verification of green requirements prevents “greenwashing”
  • GVH offers verification training to Property Managers
  • Owner-operated vacation rental sites have no verification process
  • Local verification by managers who are familiar with the property and the area resources can effect change more quickly and easily
  • Homeowners will appreciate your money-saving initiatives and support

Renters prefer houses with sustainable certification.

  • More renters are looking for environmentally friendly rental properties
  • Green certification will be the tiebreaker between your property and similar houses managed by owners or other non-participating companies
  • Renters can search properties by green certification if the property manager supports that on his or her site.

Certification levels will engage homeowners:

  • They will encourage owners to continue to improve their properties, further enhancing their attractiveness to renters
  • Budgeting for improvements helps upgrade the properties and leads to better guest satisfaction
  • The improvements will help the property sustain itself—and it rental potential—for years into the future

Use certification to keep your homeowners competitive:

  • Show them their energy use compared to their neighbors
  • Show them that their competition is participating “everyone else is doing it.”
  • At our lowest level of certification (Level 1) the average homeowner would save over $700 per year in energy costs.